Saturday, July 26, 2014



IDEAL ( 0081 ) ---Another ProfitableTrade in the Making ???

The counter is now in a very bullish phase...

The uptrend line is represented by far can this wave goes???

Strong support is pegged at...0.28...the resistance at 0.32 is now turning into support...

All my subscribers bought in around 0.32...TP ??? ( best known to them ).

( The above is my2c opinion....Trade at your own risks.)

BREM (8761) ----Another profitable trade( Riding the waves ).

The stock is in a very bullish phase...wave 3.

The uptrend line is represented by AB...

The accelerated uptrend line is represented by CD...

The strong support is now pegged at...2.03....and resistance is at...2.13 is broken easily...

The stock is now in uncharted high it can go??

All my subscribers bought around 2.09....TP at ??? ( best known to them).

( The above is just my opinion...Trade at your own risks ).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TA (4898) ---Riding the wave for profits.

The stock is now in wave impulsive bullish wave.

All my subscribers bought around...0.83...TP ???

Strong support is now pegged at...0.80

Resistance at 0.865 was taken out easily...

The uptrend line is represented by AB..

The following uptrend line (CD) shooting up like a rocket...probably on M&A play..

TP ??? high can it goes??? (the TP is known to all my subscribers ).

( The above is just my2c opinion....Trade at your own risks...the final decision is still yours )

Monday, July 21, 2014


Sona to ink SEBG deal end-July

SONA Petroleum Bhd expects to sign the sale and purchase agreement  to acquire a 66.7 per cent stake in Salamander Energy (Bualuang) Ltd (SEBG) for US$280 million (RM893 million) by the end of the month.
The acquisition will be a significant milestone for Sona as it takes its first step in becoming an independent upstream oil and gas (O&G) company.
Its vice-president for business development, Datuk Saw Choo Boon, said the company could not meet its June 26 target as it was still finalising details of the agreement with United Kingdom-listed Salamander Energy Plc.

“We are targeting to sign the agreement by the end of the month. We will then submit a proposal to the Securities Commission for approval. This is a good deal for Sona,” Saw told Business Times by telephone on Friday.
SEBG, a subsidiary of Salamander Energy, owns and operates the Bualuang oil field, which has five wells, in the Gulf of Thailand.
The acquisition of shares in SEBG will result in Sona, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), owning an effective working interest of 40 per cent in two O&G blocks close to the Bualuang field.
The blocks include an active oil field that has been in production since 2008.
This acquisition will generate positive cash flow for Sona and will allow the company to receive 40 per cent of the revenue.
For fiscal year 2013, Sona did not generate any revenue other than interest from fixed-deposit placements. Its pre-tax loss for the period was RM5.1 million.
SPACs are known as shell companies, as the entity has no business or asset during listing but uses proceeds from the initial public offering (IPO) to acquire assets in areas specified in the prospectus.
Under SPAC rules, the company must place 90 per cent of its IPO proceeds in a trust for the purpose of acquiring an asset within the first three years of listing.
Sona, one of the three listed SPACs in Malaysia, raised RM550 million from an IPO in July last year.   

SONA(5241) ---Latest News.

Business News

Published: Monday July 21, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Monday July 21, 2014 MYT 8:08:26 AM

Sona inks agreement to own Thai oil and gas assets

PETALING JAYA: More than a month after announcing a heads of agreement (HoA) on its qualifying asset, Sona Petroleum Bhd has finally inked a definite sale and purchase agreement (SPA) to buy a 40% stake in the Thai unit of UK-listed Salamander Energy Plc.
The next step is for the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) to get the approvals from shareholders and the Securities Commission (SC) before it can graduate as a junior oil and gas (O&G) player.
As announced in June, the acquisition entails Sona buying into three asset classes in the oil and gas space.
They are an ongoing production field, a near-term development asset and an exploration asset in an area called the G4/50 concession.
The producing and near production assets are located in B8/38 concession in the Bualuang field while the exploration blocks are due for drilling soon.
Sources said the deal was signed last Friday in Amsterdam, the same day Sona sent out invites for an analyst briefing and press conference to be held today.
Sona shares, which had come under selling pressure in early June when the company announced its HoA with Salamader, had appreciated by some 10% since late last week, to close at 53.5 sen on Friday.
Oil and gas executives said it was common practice for global oil and gas deals to be inked in locations like Amsterdam where stamp duties were negligible.
Banking sources said the key aspects of Sona’s SPA were not too different from what was inked in the HoA.
Effectively Sona will be forking out close to RM900mil for a 40% interest in the B8/38 and G4/50 concessions in the Gulf of Thailand.
Half of that will be paid from Sona’s coffers and the other half from a debt facility from BNP Paribas that has already been firmed up.
Sources said two local banks were also keen to participate in the funding of this deal.
It is also understood that the SPA covered extensive explanations over the issue of control over the asset being acquired, which has been a challenge for all SPACs seeking to acquire producing assets.
“The parties are aware of this requirement and have inked out details of their joint management control, detailing how Sona has a strong say in key strategic, financial and operational decisions of the operating company. It is a tight management services agreement,” said a banker familiar with the deal, declining to give more details.
Apart from having a share in the holding company owning the O&G assets, the SC wants the SPACs to have substantial interest in the company running the operations of the assets.
In a note to clients last Friday, a local brokerage attributed a fair value for Sona’s shares of between 80 sen and 84 sen based on discounted cash flows of the company post its qualified acquisition of the Salamander asset.
The first SPAC to graduate as a junior energy and production player is Hibiscus Petroleum Bhd. Its area of focus is mainly in the O&G exploration assets.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

OSKPROP (6661) ---Riding the wave for nice profits.

The counter is now in a very impulsive bullish W3...

The lows are getting higher and higher...a,b,c,d,e...

The uptrending line is represented by XY...

Most of my subscribers bought in at around own TP is at... 2.21

The strong support is now pegged at 1.91 and resistance is at...2.08

This impulsive wave 3 will takes the price much higher...with the play on M&A going on now...

( The above is just my2c opinion....Trade at your own risks...and the final decision is still yours.)

TAKE NOTE : (12.42pm 23/7)

The counter gaps up in the morning....very bullish

The counter hv over shoot my TP1 at going for my TP2...???