Sunday, December 14, 2014

FBMKLCI(composite Index) ---heading to which direction???

The composite index is now in the normal corrective wave4 ...

It is now unfolding the minor corrective waves...the ssw

Ssw3 is expected to end at 1713 ...before the ssw4 (uptrending wave) takes over..

Ssw4 is expected to end at 1779....before the last minor wave...ssw5 (downtrending wave) kicks into action

Ssw5 is expected to end at around 1655...

The next BULLISH WAVE 5...WILL SCALE UP TO 1905(my personnal tp)

The above is just my2c opinion....Trade at your own risks...

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Qualities Of Good Traders ???

Bad Traders Versus Good Traders, the BIG DIFFERENCES

  1. Bad traders are very arrogant and opinionated on the future direction of the markets. The best traders I know are very flexible and just go with the flow.

  2. Bad traders love to give out unsolicited advice, question, and argue with others. Good traders just share what they are doing and let others ask questions if they want to.

  3. Bad traders are completely focused on being right all the time while the good traders are focused on trading the price action.

  4. Bad traders are obsessed with the future, good traders are obsessed with the present moment.

  5. Bad traders like to trade too big and good traders like to trade small.

  6. Bad traders look for a great stock pick while good traders look for a great trading system.

  7. Bad traders are usually very emotional while good traders are very logical.

  8. Bad traders are completely focused on the money they can make while good traders are concerned with the money they can lose.

  9. Bad traders trade their opinions, good traders trade the price action.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Crude Oil vs Oil Shale

 What Is Oil Shale ?

Much have been said about oil shale in the media lately. It is said oil shale is one big component that is causing the oil prices to slide. So what exactly is oil shale ?

IER (Institute of Energy Research) : Oil shale is a fine-grained sedimentary rock which is very rich in organic sedimentary material called “kerogen.”
The shale is heated to separate the kerogen from the rock and the resultant liquid is converted to superior quality jet fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene, and other high value products.
So oil shale isn't like the natural oil found in the ground or in the ocean!
The process explained in a diagram -
Source: Wall Street Journal

Locations of Oil Shales 

Oil shale is found in many parts of the world, as the map above shows, but too bad, Malaysia isn't one place where oil shale could be found.

The figures from 1- 9 show where the oil shale are found in abundance, with the USA being the number 1 having the most recoverable reserves.

OPEC vs Oil Shale Producers

OPEC and the oil shale producers have one common goal : to extract out the oil and make lots of money. However, if both were to extract in large amounts, an oversupply situation will happen and lead to low international oil prices.

OPEC will probably do nothing now to arrest the sliding oil prices - as lower international oil prices will kill off the oil shale producers FIRST because the oil shale extraction costs are much higher than most of OPEC & other crude oil producers countries costs (diagram below shows).

Note: NAm Shale in the diagram above is North America oil shale, costs $65/barrel to extract out.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Crude Oil (10 years chart)

Every candlestick represent 1 month

The EW have completed the major 5 waves....and now into the major corrective phase(ABC)

The wave 5 is a failure....a truncated wave 5

More lower prices are expected from the corrective ABC

(The above is just my2c opinion....Trade at your own risks)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

OCNCASH (0049) ----A Roller Coaster Ride To More PROFITS !!!

The stock is now in the last uptrend impulsive wave...

A roller coaster ride....the lows are getting higher....L1,L2,L3,L4...a confirmed sign of an uptrend.

All members are riding this exciting roller already in profit.....going for TP(more profits).This is the second round....enjoy the ride...

The above is just my2c opinion....Trade at your own risks.

JAG (0024) ----Riding The Wave For Another Profitable Trade ???

The stock is now unfolding its uptrend impulsive wave...

Bought at 0.19 on 4/11...

Resistance at 0.25 will be penetrated soon....towards our TP at ??? (best known to members only).

The above is just my2c opinion....Trade at your own risk.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

SEACERA (7073) ----Another Profitable Trade Done.

Riding the technical rebound wave for another handsome gains.

1st buy was at 1.07 on 9/10

2nd buy was at 0.965 on 20/10

Sold all at 1.15 for a nice profit..

( Again all my subscribers are a happy lot laughing all the way to the Bank).

p/s....there are many more profitable trades to come....where the waves can be explosive or corrective.