Wednesday, January 28, 2015

OPENSYS (0040) ----Another Good Profitable Trade???

Opensys is now on the impulsive W5.

Bought at 0.32 on 30/12...with a TP at ??? known to all my subscribers.

( All of them are now sitting on good paper profits and waiting to reap a good harvest for CNY).

For those interested to subscribe,pls email me for further details.

The above is just my2c at your own risks.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Takaso (7071) ----Another Profitable Trade???

Takaso is now on the uptrend....the impulsive wave5.

A classical bullish pattern.

Bought in at 0.62 when the trend is high can it goes???

All my subscribers are on board....and the TP is best known to them.

P/S...The above is my2c opinion...Trade at your own risks.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

ABRIC (7061) ----Another impressive profitable trade.

Buy call was issued to all my subscribers on 29/10 at 0.65

The counter is on the last impulsive uptrend wave5.

Prices is expected to move up before the special dividend of 0.30c

The counter will be traded ex date on 21/1/15

Expecting the price after adjustment to be around 0.43...(taking today traded price at 0.73)

Our cost after deduction is ....0.65-0.30= 0.35

Giving a good paper profit of >22%

( Congrats to all my subscribers...and starts laughing all the way to the Bank on...Ktb,Mmsv,Abric and many more.....)

p/ at your own risks...

Monday, January 12, 2015

MMSV ( 0113 ) -----Another Profitable Trade ???

MMSV is now on the last impulsive wave5

Bought in when wave3 was unfolding...

Due to poor market sentiments...wave3 stops short and goes into correction( corrective wave4 )

Pick up more when is at the bottom of the corrective wave4 and pyramid up when the uptrend is confirmed.

Me and all my subscribers have vested interests in the above counter...and the TP is best known to them...

( Buy calls can be verified at chrissyconn forum at

Trade at your own risks.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

JOBST (0058) ----A Speculative Counter???

My Analysis of Jobst :

How Was The Share Push Up ???

The accumulation of shares was between the month of Sept to the middle of Dec.

After this...the share was push up aggressively culminating on 29/12 & 30/12

Unsuspecting retailers are trapped when there is no longer support for the price...

The price just free fall from the cliff and the bottom is yet to be run as fast as u can...

( The above is just my2c my members and me have no vested interest ).

Trade at your own risks.

KTB (4847) -----Another Profitable Trade In The Making(The 3rd Time)???

KTB is now very bullish on an uptrend wave....

Buying in was done on another 3 different lower the cost(knowing very well the next uptrend wave is just around the corner) when market condition was bearish...
(buying in can be verified at chrissyconn forum at

This counter is giving me and my subscribers...the 3rd time profitable trade(the details of the past 2 trades are in my previous post).

All buy/sell calls are email to my those interested to join, do email me at: for more details.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year 2015 Greetings